Panzer Dragoon Remake Soon Won’t Be Switch Exclusive Anymore

Panzer Dragoon Remake Soon Won’t Be Switch Exclusive Anymore

As previously mentioned, Panzer Dragoon Remake was a Switch timed-exclusive, and is now coming soon to Steam, GOG, and PlayStation 4.

Panzer Dragoon Remake is currently a Switch exclusive, but it’ll be coming soon to PS4, and PC via Steam and GOG. The news was shared by Forever Entertainment via the official Twitter account for the Remake:

When the game launched on Switch in March 2020, it was already revealed that it would be a timed exclusive on Nintendo’s console. However, we didn’t know when the exclusivity ended, or which other platforms it’ll be coming to.

The tweet hints that more platforms will be coming later on. So it’s possible Xbox and Next Gen ports are coming as well.

The remake was first announced in December 2018, alongside an upcoming remake for Zwei. We haven’t heard about that remake since, but it should still be coming.

Panzer Dragoon is definitely a great rail shooter, so more people being able to enjoy the remake is a good thing. The remake most notably allows you to make the game less tedious, as the original is extremely hard. I have it on Sega Saturn and if I remember correctly never got past stage 3.

Another Panzer Dragoon game by Japanese developer Wildman is also in development. It’s titled Voyage Record and will feature stages from Panzer Dragoon, Zwei, and Saga. It most notably uses 3D models made from scanning Garage Kit figures made by Yoshikazu Yamamoto (Nashinokiya), who’s a famous Panzer Dragoon figure sculptor. Panzer Dragoon VR is coming in 2021 on PC VR, Console VR, Standalone VR. You can read more about it here.