Panzer Dragoon Remake Surprise Launches Today on Switch

Panzer Dragoon Remake Surprise Launches Today on Switch

Today's Nintendo Direct Mini revealed Panzer Dragoon Remake is now available on Switch. The game is a timed Switch exclusive.

Forever Entertainment announced on the latest Nintendo Direct Mini that Panzer Dragoon Remake is available now on March 26, on Nintendo Switch. New gameplay from the remake was revealed as well.

Panzer Dragoon was originally one of the very first games on Sega Saturn and a really remarkable experience. It’s a rail shooter where you ride a dragon and can shoot in 360°. The game is pretty beloved and it’s nice that it’s getting a remake so more can discover its charm. As a reminder, the remake was supposed to launch by the end of 2019 but got delayed by a few months.

We also got a new confirmation that Panzer Dragoon Remake is a Switch timed-exclusive. This means the game will be coming to other platforms at some point. We’ll be sure to tell you more then.

Panzer Dragoon Remake was first announced back in 2018. Note that a remake for Panzer Dragoon II Zwei was also announced back then.

We got the game earlier than in Japan, as it’ll only launch there on April 2.

In early March, a brand new VR game titled Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record was also announced. It looks pretty nice and Panzer Dragoon figures sculptor Yoshikazu Yamamoto (Nashinokiya) even helped out with the game’s 3D models.

The latest trailer is included at the timestamp embedded below: