Paper Mario: The Origami King Game Breaking Bug Forces You to Delete Save File

You'll have to tear your save file up if you do this.

Nintendo’s Paper Mario: The Origami King has been out for just under a week now after launching on July 17, and while there’s probably bound to be some small bugs, maybe some graphical niggles here and there, it seems someone has found a game-breaking bug.

The bug was documented on Nintendo Unity’s YouTube channel. The user describes the bug as a glitch that forces you to delete your save file if you save the game at the wrong time. For those looking for specifics, it occurs in the Shangri-Spa area after Mario gets a VIP card.

The video shows Mario getting a VIP card for obtaining the needed stamps. After that, he can gain access to the secret passage using the VIP card that he hands to Toad. The game autosaves from this point, but then if you go and talk to Toad again they’ll suddenly forget that you already completed the task and as such the game thinks you need to do everything you’ve already done.

Going back to the secret passage will also mean that the Toad there will also forget you already handed over the VIP card and won’t let you back in. The other Toad won’t give you a new one and it’s also impossible for Mario to go and re-stamp because the game says that you can’t double-stamp. So this is stopping you from progressing in this section. Then we see Mario going into a pipe numbered “5” which also autosaves. Apparently, that’s when the game breaks and you need to delete your save files.

Nintendo Life mentions that this level is quite close towards the end of the game, which means if you wind up doing the same as shown in the video unknowingly, you’ll end up having to start the entire game again because there’s no way to roll back to earlier save points. There’s also another bug in Snif/Shroom City that was brought up by Gaming Reinvented that details a similar issue but locks players out of 100% completion.

Nintendo is usually good with patching bugs, so it probably won’t take them long to throw down a patch fixing these issues. Of course, if you’re still playing the game and are nearing these areas, now you know to be wary of what you’re doing!

Paper Mario: The Origami King is available on Nintendo Switch, and while it did well in physical sales in the UK aloneGhost of Tsushima took the top spot.

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