Reported Paper Mario for Switch is Said to be Similar to N64 and GameCube Entries

The much-talked-about new entry for Switch in the Paper Mario series will reportedly have a lot in common with older installments in the franchise.

March 31, 2020

We’ve heard a lot of rumors in recent months that Nintendo is going to be releasing a new Paper Mario title for Switch later in 2020. While the game has yet to be officially announced, recently, more official reports from a variety of publications have come about stating that this game does indeed exist and is still on track to arrive later this year.

However, the notion of a new Paper Mario, for many longtime fans, presents a crossroads of sorts. Will this reported new entry be more similar to those at the roots of the series, or will it look to do something new entirely? Well, it now seems like we have an idea.


According to VentureBeat, this new Switch installment of Paper Mario is said to be a return to the roots of the series. To be specific, this implies that it will have more in common with the original Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube’s release of The Thousand-Year Door. To many fans, these are the two most beloved entries in the franchise, which means that if this is the route Nintendo is going down, they’ll likely be pleasing a whole lot of people.

In recent years, the Paper Mario series has been somewhat on the decline, mainly due to the mixed reception of the 3DS’ Sticker Star and the Wii U entry Color Splash. While neither game was outright terrible, they tended to stray away in certain ways from the RPG formula that was established early on in the series that many loved so much. At this point in time, it seems like many fans have been begging Nintendo for years to make a new Paper Mario title that is more in-line with the N64 and GameCube titles. Fortunately, it sounds like those prayers might finally be answered.

Much like the reported remasters of Super Mario 64Sunshine, and Galaxy, we should start to learn more about this Paper Mario title in the coming months from Nintendo if it is indeed real. Fingers crossed that it ends up being everything we’ve hoped for all these years later.

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