Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Fans Collectively Begin Asking Nintendo for a Remaster

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Fans Collectively Begin Asking Nintendo for a Remaster

It's time to get out those hashtags.

Fans of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door have taken to Twitter and are clamoring for a remastered version on the Switch with the hashtag #RemasterThousandYearDoor. Many ports have made their way to the Switch this year, and The Thousand Year Door does seem like a great fit. There has not been any news about a new Paper Mario game for the Switch, so maybe Nintendo will take note of the new Twitter movement and remaster this beloved property.

The campaign began earlier today when Youtuber Arlo put out a video called “Let’s Get Thousand Year Door REMASTERED!” In it, he celebrates the game, explains why a remaster would be a good business move for Nintendo, and officially announces the #RemasterThousandYearDoor campaign. Arlo even started a petition for it on to help support the cause.

Arlo’s campaign has already taken off. #RemasterThousandYearDoor cracked the top 10 US trends on Twitter, and over 6000 have signed the petition in only a few hours. Clearly, the game holds a special place in the hearts of Nintendo fans, and it’s no wonder–it was so unique and so utterly charming. It may not have been the first Paper Mario, or the last, but by almost all accounts it is the pinnacle of the series.

There’s no telling whether all this noise will reach the ears it needs to. A remaster of The Thousand Year Door may make perfect sense to fans of the game, but as Arlo points out in his video, Nintendo tends to be a bit aloof when it comes to the agitations of its fans (if it weren’t, we’d definitely have seen extensive Super Mario Odyssey DLC a long time ago). Maybe if we all shout at the same time, though, we’ll manage to get the attention of someone important (like Doug Bowser). And imagine if we do. Imagine if the fans actually got through to Nintendo this time and were given precisely what they asked for. It would be one for the record books.

Now’s the time: watch your spelling and start @ing. We’ll deal with that Joy-Con situation later.