Papers, Please Headed to iOS This Week After Nudity Removed for Apple Certification

on December 10, 2014 10:37 PM

Lucas Pope has shared that his hit indie game Papers, Please will be available on iPad this week on Friday, December 12th after having to tweak the games content.

In a series of tweets Pope shared several details including that full nudity from the search scanner photos had to be removed from the game in order to be approved by Apple. Understandably, many children will have easy access to the game through the App Store and having material that is deemed as “pornographic content” meant that changes would be needed to successfully come to iOS.

Pope also provided details on the progress of the Vita version of the game and that it “has way more dependencies” than the work needed to be done for the iOS version of the game. This has led to Pope leaving us with no solid time frame to expect Papers, Please‘s inevitable release on Sony’s handheld system. Sorry Vita fans, you are just out of luck for now.

You can pick up Papers, Please now on PC for $9.99.

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