Paradise Lost Gets a New Cinematic Trailer at Gamescom 2020

Paradise Lost Gets a New Cinematic Trailer at Gamescom 2020

World War II-based first-person adventure game from Ploy Amorous, Paradise Lost, receives a new cinematic teaser trailer.

Poly Amorous’ Paradise Lost has recently got a new cinematic trailer showcasing a slow-motioned bloody fight scene in a bunker in World War II.

Paradise Lost is a quite distinct take on World War II. Set in an alternative world, the second World War has continued for twenty years, with the Nazi army destroying most of the European countries with nuclear bombs. As a 12-year-old kid, you will find an abandoned bunker while surviving from the world’s crazy chaotic state.

The new trailer showcases a bloody shooting scene inside the bunker, probably in the earlier years of World War II. Unaware of what’s the fight’s result, the trailer jumps into 20 years later, when Szymon, the protagonist of the game, finds the bunker’s entrance at the dead of the winter. Here you can check the new trailer out which was shared as a part of Gamescom 2020 :

Entering the bunker would be the start of your adventurous journey in Paradise Lost. You will keep searching every corner of the bunker, trying to find classified papers and putting different pieces of a big puzzle together to stop the world from getting destroyed by an endless war. According to the developers, you will get to make some serious decisions in the game that will affect the world’s and your future in the game.

Of course, the cinematic trailer above doesn’t represent the actual gameplay, but Paradise Lost ensures an immersive experience when it comes to graphics and visual effects. The game is aiming next-gen consoles plus PC as its main platform, and it’s eager to deliver a realistic tour of an abandoned bunker from World War II.

Paradise Lost is set to be released on PC sometime this year, with next-gen versions arriving at a later date. The exact release date of the game is yet to be revealed.