Paradox Announces Large GDC Lineup

Paradox Announces Large GDC Lineup


Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything to use as the header, so there you go.

Looks like Paradox is gonna have a pretty big presence at this year’s GDC, possibly due to the success of Magicka. They’ve got two sequels to some of their biggest franchises, a “surprise”, and two brand new games.

  • Magicka “Surprise”

According to Paradox, it is “not what we think it is.” So it’s probably not a giant mega-patch that will totally fix the game. Sorry, guys!

  • Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

Another installment in the Mount & Blade franchise, this time set around the advent of gunpowder. More information to come later in the day.

  • Pirates of Black Cove

An open-world pirate strategy game, based around expanding your pirate empire and controlling pirate colonies. More info to come.

  • Defenders of Ardania

A fantasy tower defense game from the makers of the Majesty series. See my announcement post for more information.

  • Supreme Ruler: Cold War

The next installment in the Supreme Ruler series, focusing on the relationship between the US and the USSR at the height of the Cold War. More info to come.

Looks like Paradox is really going strong at GDC this year. Hopefully they’ll have another big hit like they did with Magicka, though I hope they can make something more stable.