Paradox Interactive Expanding “Vietnam” Brand

Paradox Interactive Expanding “Vietnam” Brand


After the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the announcement of Magicka: Vietnam, Paradox Interactive has announced today, April 1st, that they’re expanding the Vietnam theme into some of their other brands. With that, say hello to King Arthur II: Vietnam.


“A wise journeyman once told me “Don’t stop believing” and that’s exactly what we’re doing here. The response on the Magicka DLC was so fantastic so we just decided to keep going, so this is a strategic decision we’re taking for the company and all our games across the board. The decision was made without consulting any developers or fellow colleagues, it just felt right.”

Keep your eye out for official announcements for more games in the Vietnam series, including Sword of the Stars II: Vietnam, Europa Universalis: Vietnam, and Vietnam: The MMOVRPG before they drop their biggest hit yet… Vietnam: Vietnam at the end of the year.