Paradox Interactive Is Joining Xbox Game Pass for PC

Paradox Interactive Is Joining Xbox Game Pass for PC

Paradox Interactive has announced it is bringing many of their titles to the newly announced Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Just announced a few days ago, Xbox Game Pass is making its way to PC. The subscription service will offer PC players the opportunity to play over 100 games for a single price. Now, Paradox Interactive has announced that titles from the publisher will become available for the new service.

Announced via a blog post on its website, Paradox Interactive stated that the publisher will be joining forces with Xbox Game Pass to bring both new releases and classic titles to PC. What I found most interesting is that they stated that titles from the publisher will be included on day one when the subscription service launches.

I know that Cities: Skylines, a game published by Paradox Interactive, is already a member of Xbox Game Pass, so, it is not too surprising to see it and other titles from the company making its way to the PC service.

I have long been a hype man for Xbox Game Pass. In my opinion, it is the best deal in gaming right now. Getting every first party Xbox title day one, along with other big-time games that are always coming to the service for $10 a month is a steal. But, if you are like me, there are always ways to cheese the system. You can always find discounted sixth month passes on Amazon or eBay. I think I tacked on 6 more months to my subscription for only $30 dollars. If you are running a little low on money, there are other ways to get into the best deal in games at a cheaper entry point.