Paradox Releases Ridiculous Magicka 2 Karaoke Singalong Trailer

Paradox Releases Ridiculous Magicka 2 Karaoke Singalong Trailer

After blowing up a cat in its first trailer, Magicka 2 is back with a new trailer that features….a karaoke singalong?

Listen in as Vlad (totally not a vampire) sings about the new features of the sequel to the hit co-op wizard adventure game Magicka. Some terrible dancing and even some jabs at prior missteps, like having a now properly working netcode, is just the right mix to make me want to put this on repeat and re-install the first game.


Players can expect to traverse Midgård in the next iteration of the game, using the popular elemental spell mixing mechanics to destroy everything in your path. Unfortunately, that sometimes includes your friends, as there is presistent friendly fire throughout the game that can lead to comical results when you carelessly cast spells at a furious pace to stay alive. With a variety of robes, weapons and game modifiers called ‘artifacts’ to find and use, this will surely be one of the top co-op games to look out for going into next year.

Magicka 2 is coming to PS4 and PC sometime in early 2015.