Paradox Shows off First Gameplay From Upcoming Space RTS Ancient Space

on September 4, 2014 7:16 AM

Paraodx Interactive today revealed the first gameplay footage of Ancient Space, their upcoming singleplayer RTS.

Along with showing off the game, the developers also talked about how the massive ship the Ulysses II will be used as a focal point for the player.

The ship will function as a mobile factory, but the developers are also aiming to give it character much like the Millenium Falcon or Serenity. In order to make the ship seem more like an actual character, the Ulysses II will also be voiced by Dwight Schultz of Star Trek fame.

Paradox will also be bringing in several other sci-fi actors to provide the voice talent, including Dina Meyer, Ron Glass, John Billingsley, Richard Gunn and Aaron Douglas.

The plot of Ancient Space is intended to be more like a NASA mission than the space opera of something like Star Wars, the developers added.

Ancient Space is set for release on PC September 23.