Paragon is Getting Massive New Game Changing Updates Next Month with Update v42

Paragon is Getting Massive New Game Changing Updates Next Month with Update v42

Paragon is getting a game changing update next month that completely switches up the current card system and in game currency.

Epic Games announced today its future plans for its third person MOBA, Paragon. Update v42, which is scheduled to release next month on August 8th, is bringing massive changes to the game, more so than the Age of Intellect and Year One updates.

In update v42, players can expect a complete rework of the card system and card points currently seen in Paragon. As it stands right now, players build their decks using main cards and upgrade cards. These cards can then be purchased in any order in game when the amount of CP (Card points) for each card or upgrade card has been met. With the new system, Epic is ditching CP for flat currency. This means that rather than earning CP during a match, you will instead earn “Gold” or whatever they will be calling the currency similar to other MOBA’s such as League of Legends and Smite.

This isn’t the only change thats coming with the new update. The current map (Monolith) will be getting its final art update. Iggy and Scortch will be getting a rework, the first hero in a series of heroes who will be getting reworked. A full gameplay rebalance will also take place due to the new card system and in game currency reworks. A new mastery system will also be introduced, though details on that have not been shared at the moment. Lastly, we will be getting another ranged hero with the update.

Epic Games also announced that they will be focusing on reworking current heroes rather than releasing a new hero every three weeks, which they have been fairly consistent with since the game released. More information on the card rework and in game currency was not shared, however Epic did state that they will share more information in the very near future.

Paragon is currently available as a free-to-play title in open beta on PS4 and PC.