Paragon Mastery Rework Detailed; Additional Progression Changes Coming With Update v42

Paragon Mastery Rework Detailed; Additional Progression Changes Coming With Update v42

Epic Games shared some more details on the Mastery rework coming to Paragon in update v42.

Epic Games released more information today for its third person MOBA Paragon in regards to the upcoming Mastery rework. In the update, Epic Games gives us some more information on how the current Mastery system is changing and what players can look forward to when update 42 releases next month. The studio also released a new Community Corner video, which can be seen below, where they go into detail on the huge update coming next month to Paragon.

When Update v42 releases next month, Paragon is going to see some major changes to its card system, in game economy, mastery system and much more. Rather than going for one long mastery (1-10), the new changes will allow players to hit mastery level 10 and then loop back around. The change will allow for players to continue earning rewards for their character mastery development, similar to a prestige system seen in other games. Under the new system, Epic Games states that players should see chest rewards more often, roughly after every three games played.

Players will be able to earn a new Rival skin and multiple levels of Crowns by leveling up their mastery rank. Crowns will be a new cosmetic item introduced in update v42 and will allow a player to equip the crown showing off their mastery for that specific hero. You can check out what the Crowns will look like below. The account level cap will also be raised to 99, up from 50. Other progression changes are also coming but will announced at a later time.

Paragon is currently available as a free to play title in open beta on PS4 and PC. The game features cross platform play allowing for an even larger player base.