Paragon New Itemization System Detailed; Upgrade Cards Being Removed

Paragon New Itemization System Detailed; Upgrade Cards Being Removed

Big changes are coming to the itemization system in Paragon with the release of update v42 on August 8.

Epic Games have released some more information regarding the major update that will be coming to Paragon on August 8, 2017. Today the studio went into a little more detail on what their plans are for the card system when update v42 launches in two weeks.

Throughout the year, Epic Games has received tons of feedback from players, both new and veteran. Some of this feedback revolved around the current card system in Paragon. While the card system is great and really helps Paragon standout from other MOBA’s, the development studio feels that the cards don’t “wow” as much as they should be.

Some of the key things that Epic Games kept in mind when developing the new card system were making every card matter, making cards more clear, and creating a system that grows with Paragon. They plan on achieving this by removing upgrade cards from the game and not focusing on “numbers”. Currently, players are often tasked with creating decks that not only hit a certain total cp cost, but also ensuring that the total cp cost is granting them the most damage or health as possible. This leads to very stale builds and often times leads to everyone using the same build because it is proven to be the most effective. What the team wants to do is have the players focus on abilities and not so much on numbers. Each card will have some form of ability that will add unique value to the game. By removing upgrade cards, players will have fewer cards per decks, but it will allow the player to focus on gameplay and using cards that have more meaning.

Secondly, the team wants cards to be more clear. It can be a very daunting experience for players to not fully understand what their cards do. This is especially true for newer players. Epic Games wants players to immediately understand what a card does simply by reading the card name and looking at the card art. Every card will be getting an art update throughout the year aimed at showcasing the card function.

Lastly, Epic Games wants to develop an itemization system that grows with Paragon and keeps the game fresh. The team has stated that we should expect to see new cards and updates more frequently rather than their original plan of annual season releases during big refreshes. We should get more information on the itemization system coming to update v42 later this week and we will be sure to inform you of all the changes once they are announced.

Paragon is currently in open beta as a free-to-play title on both PC and PS4. Epic Games plans to remove the game from beta in early 2018.