Paragon Update v40.1 Brings New Skin, Emotes, Banner and More

The patch notes for Paragon update v40.1 have been officially detailed. The latest update brings two new emotes, a new skin, and a new banner. The update also brings various bug fixes and hero polishing.

Epic Games have released the details for its upcoming update coming to the third person MOBA, Paragon. The latest update adds a new Iggy Banner, Grim.EXE Skin, and new Emotes for Lt. Belica and Murdock. Lastly, two new Novaborn Greystone skin variations have been added to loot crates.

In addition to the new cosmetic items being released, various bug fixes and hero polishing has been included in the patch. The update is scheduled to go live tomorrow, May 23, 2017.

Here are the full update notes for patch v40.1, courtesy of Epic Games:


  • A limited edition banner, Iggy Rain, is now available in the in-game store
    • The Iggy Rain banner will be available in the store for only two weeks!
  • A new skin, Glossy Boss Grim.EXE is now available in the in-game store
  • Two new emotes have been released
    • Lt. Belica:
      • Put Your Hands In The Air
    • Murdock:
      • No Pain No Gain



  • Glossy Boss Grim.EXE is now available in the in-game store

Lt. Belica

  • “Put Your Hands In The Air” emote added to the in-game store


  • “No Pain No Gain” emote added to the in-game store


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Corrected an issue causing Phase’s necklace to appear much larger during her level start animation


  • Bulwark
    • Polish and Bug Fixing
      • Ability activates after Steel puts up his wall
      • No longer activates if it is canceled/interrupted before the wall appears


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Shadow Walk
      • The lens timer will refresh if Cheat Death is triggered while Shadow Walk is active
      • The lens timer now shows accurate timing


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Left Crunch
      • Will now commit (use mana/cooldown) right before the ability does damage
    • Right Crunch

Will now commit (use mana/cooldown) right before the ability does damage


  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Rally the Troops
    • Stasis Gem
    • Strike Token
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Hemorrhage no longer shares visuals with Bloodsoaked Armor, and a unique look for the Berserk Effect has been added


  • Loot Crate Update
    • Removed
      • Legendary:
        • Onyx Rogue Sparrow
        • Cobalt Rogue Sparrow
        • Velvet Gold Bones Undertow Gideon
        • Sky Gold Bones Undertow Gideon
        • Fiesta Los Muertos Undertow Gideon
        • Ichor Los Muertos Undertow Gideon
    • Added
      • Legendary
        • Ruby Novaborn Greystone
        • Cobalt Novaborn Greystone
      • Common
        • Rose Default Dekker
        • Onyx Default Dekker
        • Pearl Default Kwang
        • Topaz Default Kwang

Paragon is currently in open beta and available as a free-to-play title across both PC and PS4.

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