Paragon Update v39.4 Brings New Kallari Skin, Emotes and More

The latest update to Paragon is bringing a new Rogue Skin for Kallari alongside two new emotes for Gideon and Feng Mao.

on May 1, 2017 12:06 PM

Epic Games have released the latest patch notes for its third-person action MOBA, Paragon. Update v39.4 isn’t a huge patch, but it does come with an awesome Rogue Kallari skin, two new emotes and a few Hero bug fixes. The new Kallari skin will be bundled with the recently released Rogue Sparrow skin at a discounted price, giving players 20% off who purchase the skin through the bundle. The update will go live tomorrow, May 2, 2017.

Here are the full patch notes for update v39.4, courtesy of Epic Games:


  • Rogue Kallari has been added to the in-game store
    • The Rogue Skin Bundle has been added to the in-game store
  • Two new emotes have been released
    • Feng Mao
      • Secondhand Slice
    • Gideon
      • Portal Pump


  • Moved the Raptor Camp to the back of the pit


Feng Mao

  • Added Secondhand Slice emote to the in-game store


  • Added Portal Pump emote to the in-game store


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Corrected an issue that prevented her death animation from playing


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Corrected an issue causing Revenant to play his match start animation on respawn
    • Reckoning will no longer prevent damage when inside the enemy spawn area
    • Bonus damage from Revenant’s Hellfire Rounds and Scar will now correctly appear on the recent damage screen
    • Corrected animation clipping issues when Revenant is stunned
    • Corrected an issue preventing Revenant from using abilities or moving while affected by Aurora‚Äôs Cryoseism ability


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Corrected an issue which caused some basic projectiles to pass through Quelling Gale unaffected


  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Offensive Maneuvers
    • Snakevine Mesh
    • Lesser Health


  • Loot Crate Update
    • Added new Legendary Variants
      • Velvet Gold Bones Undertow Gideon
      • Sky Gold Bones Undertow Gideon
      • Fiesta Los Muertos Undertow Gideon
      • Ichor Los Muertos Undertow Gideon
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Corrected an issue causing the home screen background to fade to a flat grey color

Paragon is currently in open beta and is available as a free-to-play title on PS4 and PC.

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