New Paragon Hero Wukong Gets an Overview Video

New Paragon Hero Wukong Gets an Overview Video

Learn how to use this upcoming Paragon character with this new video.

Epic Games released a new video for Paragon today that gives an overview of Wukong’s different abilities before he is added to the game tomorrow, June 6, for free.

Wukong’s first ability is Control Aggression. This ability allows the player to switch between an offensive and evasive stance. All of Wukong’s abilities have different effects depending on which stance the player is in when they use the attack. His next ability, Cloudwalker, gives the player a double jump. When the player is in offensive stance, Wukong will slam his staff into the ground at the end of the double jumps, which deals damage to and slows down enemies. In his evasive stance, the players gets the ability to walk on air shortly after doing a double jump.

The Staff of Legend ability allows the player to extend their polearm. When in offensive stance, Staff of Legend deals damage and pushes enemies back, while it launches Wukong into the air in his evasive stance. Wukong’s ultimate ability is called 84,000 Hairs. It allows the player to create a clone of themselves whenever they strike a minion, hero, or structure. These clones can’t move, but are able to deal damage in a small radius around itself.

You can watch the video below. Paragon is currently available in Open Beta on PC and PS4.