Paragon’s Massive Patch Includes Reworked Characters, Homescreen Facelift and More

on July 2, 2016 4:40 AM

Paragon‘s latest patch.28 has landed and reworks almost everything in the game from the ground up, starting with the homescreen. The homescreen has been vastly improved over it’s predecessor and allows better functionality and a clearer aesthetic.

A new reward system also makes its way into the game in the form of quests. Quests will reward you with card packs for the game, which act as upgrades that you bring into each match. Naturally the more cards you collect the better your chances of being able to upgrade your character to be bigger and better than the opponents. The new patch also includes ‘victory chests’ which, as well as cards, include coins and XP boosts.

Everything has been changed from the addition of audio sliders in the options menu to game changing mechanics like auto-sprint.  The full patch notes can be found at Epic Games’ blog. You can also get an in depth look at the changes in action below: