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Paragon's Revamped Card System Update Detailed; Huge Changes Coming in August

Epic Games have detailed the massive changes coming to the card system in Paragon when Update v42 launches on August 8, 2017.

July 28, 2017

Epic Games released some more information today regarding the card changes that are coming to its third person MOBA Paragon when update v42 launches on August 8, 2017. During today’s Community Corner stream, which can be seen below in its entirety, the team finally goes into detail on how the card system will be completely revamped with the new update.

During the live stream, the developers stated that they were not happy with the original (current) card system. There was a bunch of gameplay flaws such as the Card Point cap at the end of a match that would cause games to stagnate and last forever. The biggest flaw behind the current system, according to the developers is the clarity behind the cards and the fact that it is difficult for players, especially new players to build decks around them. Thankfully, the team is addressing this issue by completely changing the way the cards work by making big changes that will affect gameplay in a more meaningful way.

The team mentioned that this change is not going to be an easy leap for existing players, which means that the exisiting card system will definitely be different than what we are used to currently. Every single card in the game has been changed, and possibly removed and replaced for the update and the direction the team wants to take the system to.

Perhaps the biggest change is the update to the Affinities. There will know be five different Affinities; Growth, Knowledge, Order, Death, and Chaos. Deck building will consist of choosing any two Affinities and choosing cards based on the gameplay style you want to achieve. Every deck combination can be used among all heroes. This is a big shift from the current system with heroes being tied to specific Affinities. Currently the game allows you choose 40 cards per deck. With the new system, decks will be limited to 12 cards, which is due to upgrade cards being completely removed from the game. Of those 12 cards, there will only be 3 active slots as opposed to the current system which allows for up to 6 cards to be equipped. This is going to make card choice more meaningful and bring strategic thinking when choosing which cards to slot during a match.

The in game economy will also be uncapped and free of Card Point restrictions. What this means is that you can swap cards out whenever you want during the match, assuming you have enough gold to purchase the cards. The new deck system will only allow for unique cards; this means no duplicate cards in your deck. The reasoning behind this is because cards will not be tied to stats and instead they will have unique abilities tied to them. If you unequip a card during a match, you will have the option to purchase it again and re-equip it.

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Affinities will also have certain “card traits” specific to that Affinity. For example, certain Knowledge cards will have consumables that can be used during the match. Not every card will have a trait associated with. Another example of a “Card Trait” is Combustible. A card with this trait is a high risk high reward type of card. If you die with a “Combustible” card in one of your slots, you lose the card upon death and it gets returned to your deck. These cards will generally cost a lot more upfront, but will offer a better benefit when it is slotted.

Amber is being removed from the game and taking its place is a more traditional currency commonly seen in other MOBA’s; Gold. Gold earned in game can not only be used to purchase new cards, but it can also be used to purchase attribute points during the match. The three attributes; Agility, Vitality, and Intellect will serve as your stat boosts. Increasing the strength of you attributes will unlock Gems that can be used to further increase your power. You will be able to slot up to six Gems during a match. Lastly, you will now be able to upgrade your attributes and gems while you are in combat, which should make for some interesting gameplay.

It will be interesting to see how the new card system works when the update is live and people are creating their decks. I think the “card game” influence that they are adding to the new system is a breath of fresh air and will hopefully result in some interesting builds down the road.

Paragon is currently available as a free-to-play title in open beta on PS4 and PC.

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