Madmind Studios Announce Paranoid, an Upcoming Survival-Horror with Nudity and Drugs

Madmind Studios Announce Paranoid, an Upcoming Survival-Horror with Nudity and Drugs

It looks like Agony, but not set in hell.

Madmind Studios has announced another horror title going by the name Paranoid. The title comes hot off the heels from their recent Agony UNRATED launch on October 30 which was announced to release on Halloween earlier this year after being previously canceled.

Paranoid didn’t get just one teaser, instead, it got two teasers and one concept gameplay that you can view below. It’s a survival-horror title and is said to have dynamic and brutal gameplay with combat alongside a deep psychological story. The protagonist is named Patrick Calman, a thirty-one-year-old man who seems to have lost his family, with his sister suddenly going missing and his parents being violently killed. Patrick struggled to deal with this sudden loss and finds himself losing his mind inside his apartment.

Thirteen years later he gets a phone call from his apparent sister, but to learn what happened it requires leaving his apartment. This is where Patrick starts to descend onto the verge of madness. Throughout the game, players will get to experience a reality disrupted by paranoia, enemies, drug abusing gameplay mechanics, and three endings to unlock.

The two Paranoid teasers videos below show surreal and haunting corridors with doors slamming open, eerie human figures lingering in the distance, and gameplay moments. The concept gameplay instantly throws us into a dark setting with a nude female and shortly after, drug references. The concept gameplay appears to be dynamic, mixing player controlled movements with scripted animations.

The gameplay certainly looks interesting and seems to be similar to Agony in terms of the surreal horrific world surrounding the player as well as a fair bit of nudity.

Paranoid is due to launch on PC, no launch date has been specified as of yet.