Paranoid Gets a New Haunting Trailer Showing Off Some Gameplay Footage

Paranoid Gets a New Haunting Trailer Showing Off Some Gameplay Footage

Paranoid is the new project from the creators of Agony and it already looks horrifying in the new gameplay trailer.

Madmind Studios shared a new trailer from Paranoid, focusing on the game’s main protagonist and his endless nightmares triggered by a mental illness.

Worked previously on Agony and Succubus, Paranoid is the next project from Madmind Studios and it looks pretty different from the team’s last titles, though it’s still set in the same genre. Paranoid follows a man’s life in the 1980s that has been interrupted by horrifying visions, and zombie-like creatures. During your adventure in the dark and haunting rooms and corridors of a motel, you will learn more about the protagonist’s life and his mental status.

The game also features intense combat scenes as well, granting you both melee and ranged weapons to deal with the hostile creatures you face in course of your adventure.

Currently, there’s no official release date for Paranoid, but Madmind Studios is targeting next-gen hardware with its new game and you can wishlist it on Steam as of now. No console release has been confirmed for Paranoid yet. Visually, the game looks fantastic with high-quality textures, detailed models, and incredible lighting. However, having an interesting story-line with enough amount of horrifying elements and engaging gameplay mechanics, are the other essential properties of a horror experience that should be worked on as detailed as the game’s visuals.

It’s worth noting that Madmind Studios’ previous title, Agony, received poorly by some media and players due to the presence of some intense violation scenes that you wouldn’t usually see in video games or even the fellow entertainment mediums. Along with Paranoid, the studio is also working on Succubus, a demonic horror experience, that falls in the same line as Agony with lots of sensitive content and brutal violation. There’s a prologue version of Succubus available for free right now, with the full version launching sometime in the future.