Partial FFXIII Trophy List Sneaks Out of Japan

Partial FFXIII Trophy List Sneaks Out of Japan

As of this writing, it’s approximately 2:42 AM on December 17 in Japan.  This means that Final Fantasy XIII has officially been out for over two and a half hours.  Still, in the day or two leading up to the official release, some retailers sold early.  Hey, Japan is more like the U.S. than I thought!  Anyway, because the game is now officially available there for the PS3, partial trophy lists are popping up all over the Interwebs, so I thought I’d list them here too, because I currently have my eye on anything FFXIII.

Naturally, there are some hidden trophies, and these are most likely the progress-based ones (i.e. major spoilers).  However, if you wish to avoid any and all spoilers, I wouldn’t look at the list below.  It gives us folks in the other areas of the world something to do (for a few minutes, anyway) as we anxiously wait for the game to be released over here on March 9.  Here’s the list so far.

Bronze ~
Assault Ruby – Master the Attacker Role
Destruction Sapphire – Master the Blaster Role
Guardian Topaz – Master the Defender Role
Hex Jade – Master the Jammer Role
Inspiration Amethyst – Master the Enhancer Role
Healing Emerald – Master the Healer Role

Silver ~
Limit Breaker – Deal over 100,000 damage to an enemy
Behemoth Hunter – Slay a wandering behemoth
Perfect Diamond – Learn all abilities to the fullest

Gold ~
Collector of All Things – Collect all weapons and accessories
The All Knowing Sage – Gain the complete knowledge of 100 different enemies

[Via Fabula Nova Crystallis.]