Party Hard 2 Alpha 3 Introduces a Hospital Level in New Trailer

Party Hard 2 Alpha 3 Introduces a Hospital Level in New Trailer

Check out this new trailer for Alpha 3 of Party Hard 2, which brings the deadly party to a hospital.

Pinokl Games and tinyBuild Games released a new trailer for Party Hard 2 today that highlights what’s new in Alpha 3, which players can gain access to by pre-ordering the game.

Alpha 3 adds a brand to Hospital Level to Party Hard 2. It is the largest level that the series has even had, and features tons of entrances, party goers, and introduces new mechanics that will keep each run varied and interesting. The game’s developers have been very open about the game’s development, giving players access to many of the game’s alpha builds; they even put out a new trailer for the game recently that welcomes players to the game’s alpha.

For those who aren’t aware, Party Hard 2 is the sequel to Pinokl’s popular 2015 title Party Hard, which let players control of a serial killer who crashes multiple parties and kills their attendees. Party Hard 2 runs on a brand-new engine, giving the game a unique pseudo-3D art-style. The game also adds to the series by giving players new abilities. These abilities let players do things such as assassinate more than one target at the same time with a brand new Multi-Kill ability, scan rooms with Party Vision to find useful objects and targets, and hold up to three extra items in their inventory.

Pinokl Games and tinyBuild Games are also working on a spin-off, titled Party Hard Tycoon, which also received a new gameplay trailer. You can check out the brand new Alpha 3 trailer below. Party Hard 2 is set to release on PC later this year.