Party Hard 2 Will Be Available for PC This Halloween

Party Hard 2 Will Be Available for PC This Halloween

tinyBuild Games shared a trailer announcing that Party Hard 2, the sequel to the indie hit, will be available for PC this Halloween.

Publisher tinyBuild Games announced that Party Hard 2 will be available later this year. A trailer was shared showing off some gameplay from the stealth game.

Developed by Pinokl Games, in Party Hard 2, you haven’t received your Holiday Bonus, so you go on a killing rampage at an Office Holiday Party like any reasonable person. As the main character seeks revenge against a vicious corporation he used to work for, a shocking truth is revealed to him.

In the sequel, the Hitman-style gameplay has been expanded with some new features. These include being able to take out multiple targets at the same time with a multi-kill ability and scanning the room for useful objects and targets with Party Vision. Your inventory can now include three extra items as well.

In addition to the new gameplay, you’ll be able to play as three other party-ruining characters with a new stealth-based extraterrestrial phenomenon named Kao Tech included in that list.

You can check out the killer announcement trailer below. Party Hard 2 will be available for PC this Halloween.