tinyBuild Games Revealed that Party Hard 2 Has Gone Gold

While it does not have a release date yet, Party Hard 2 for PC from Pinokl and tinyBuild Games has gone gold.

on September 25, 2017 12:17 PM

Publisher tinyBuild Games revealed today on Twitter that Party Hard 2, the sequel to independent developer Pinokl Games 2015 popular title Party Hard, has gone gold, meaning that development on the initial release build of the game is done and ready to be sold.

The terms “gone gold” and “goes gold” are derived from the term “gold master,” which is the official term form when a piece of software is ready for release. As we mentioned before, this is clearly the case for Party Hard 2, though as of right now, the game still does not have a release date.

For those that don’t know about the game, Party Hard 2 has players become a serial killer that crash parties across their town and kill the attendees. This sequel changes quite a few things up, as it is running on a brand new engine. The game now has a pseudo-3D art-style, and the world in general seems more vibrant than the one in the first game.

Party Hard 2 also introduces new player abilities. This includes the Multi-Kill ability that enables players to kill more than one target at the same time, and Party Vision, which players can activate to to find useful objects and targets around the environment. The players inventory has also been expanded, letting people hold up to three more items then they could in the original. Pinokl Games and tinyBuild Games are currently also developing a spin-off, titled Party Hard Tycoon, which got a gameplay trailer back in June. 

Party Hard 2 is currently only slated for PC, and should be releasing quite soon considering the game has gone gold.

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