Party Hard 2 Gets New Alpha Gameplay Footage

Party Hard 2 Gets New Alpha Gameplay Footage

Upcoming PC game Party Hard 2 looks murderous in new gameplay footage.

Today, Ukraine-based developer Pinokl Games and publisher tinyBuild Games released some new Party Hard 2 gameplay footage from the upcoming Alpha 2.

The footage obviously isn’t final — hence Alpha — but it does show off the game’s big 3D enviroments (much bigger than the first game) and a variety of new ways to play party-crasher. The footage specifically showcases one of the five enviroments included in the upcoming Alpha 2 build.

For those that don’t know: Party Hard 2, the follow-up to 2015’s Party Hard, is a stealth strategy game where you play as a serial killer who has a knack for crashing parties by killing people.

Differing from its predecessor, Party Hard 2 has a brand-new engine and a different art-style, and an expansion of the Hitman-style gameplay of the orignal with new features. Such new features include the ability to take out multiple targets at the same time with a powerful Multi-Kill ability, scanning the room for useful objects and targets with Party Vision, and the ability to pickup to 3 extra items in your inventory.

Party Hard 2 is currently in development and slated to release on PC sometime later this year. However, the first game also saw a release on Mac, Linux and eventually on mobile devices, and PS4 and Xbox One. So it’s likely safe to assume the sequel will make its way to these platforms as well.

Below, you can check out the new gameplay footage: