Party Hard Tycoon Hits Early Access Next Week; New Trailer Released

Party Hard Tycoon will allow players to craft their own dream parties when it hits Steam Early Access on October 19.

on October 11, 2017 4:12 PM

Pinokl Games and tinyBuild Games revealed today that Party Hard Tycoon, which they had first shown off a couple months ago, will be hitting PC next week through Steam Early Access next week on October 19.

For those of you who don’t know Party Hard Tycoon is a business management simulation/tycoon somewhat similar that the developers compared to Theme Hospital, though the setting itself is much, much different, as players are trying to make  make the most profitable party of all time.

The game serves as a spin-off of the original Party Hard, though a sequel is also coming, and runs on what seems to be the same engine. In order to construct the best party ever, players have to choose a theme and create a marketing strategy  to increase their party’s notoriety. Afterwards, players construct the actual party, placing objects like speakers, live entertainment, and alcohol. Players also have to manage security and make sure their guests stay safe.

You can check out the next teaser trailer for the game below. Party Hard Tycoon will hit Early Access on October 19. Party Hard 2 also recently went gold, so we should probably also be expecting that title to release in the coming weeks.

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