Patapon “Returns” on Destiny of Spirits for PS Vita

Patapon “Returns” on Destiny of Spirits for PS Vita

Patapon was one of the most beloved franchises for PSP, and while we didn’t get a new game of the series since 2011, Sony has not forgotten the lovely IP.

Today the company implemented a new limited time rare summon category in its free-to-play PS Vita game Destiny of Spirits. The offer lasts 40 days, and allows the summoning of 22 different Patapon 3 characters to fight by our side, as you can see in the screenshots below.

Since we’re talking about rare summons, you’ll need Destiny Orbs to get them, meaning that you’ll have to pay with real money, unless you use the 35 monthly orbs you can get with PlayStation Plus.

Unfortunately that’s not yet a return of the franchise with its own game, but it’s at least a demonstration that there’s still love for it within Sony. Hopefully it’ll lead to more in the future.

PataponDOS (1)

PataponDOS (2)

PataponDOS (3)