1.22 Patch Notes Published for Final Fantasy XIV Online

1.22 Patch Notes Published for Final Fantasy XIV Online

The official 1.22 patch notes were published today for Final Fantasy XIV Online. The list is long, but with all the changes that are being made in the Final Fantasy title, a long list is a good thing.

New quests have been added, included several quests that involve the New Grand Company. This also includes new ranks that will increase the number of company seals a player will be able to hold. 

One of the biggest updates with the patch are the new battles involving the primal Garuda. These battles, known as The Howling Eye, can be started by players who are level 40+ in Disciples of War or Magic. Parties can be 4-8 members on normal, but hard mode is an 8-man group for levels 45+.

Another major improvement are the much anticipated Mercantile Houses. These will allow players to use a more classic style of an auction house, finally allowing searching and directly purchasing items from any of the city’s market areas by speaking NPC’s within the houses.

Many new items have also been added in relation to the new events, as well as the usual fixes to errors and glitches. You can read the complete details for patch 1.22 here.