Path of Exile Announced for Xbox One in New Trailer

Path of Exile Announced for Xbox One in New Trailer

The Grinding Gear Games developed action RPG Path of Exile is inbound to the Xbox One.

The reveal comes via a new trailer and an exciting sounding post from the game’s Twitter page:

The post doesn’t include a release date for the game but confirms that it will launch sometime this year. Path of Exile released first for the PC back in 2013 and has since received general critical acclaim, attaining a relatively high score of 86 on review aggregate Metacritic.

The game is inspired heavily by the Diablo series and tasks players with choosing a class, customizing their characters and defeating waves of enemies using a wide variety of skills and equipment. The game implements micro-transactions and has already received five expansion packs.

It remains to be seen if the Xbox One version will introduce any new content or features. We’ll keep you posted on a specific release date when the information becomes available.

View the new trailer below.