Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds' Release Date Announced in New Trailer

Grinding Gear Games has announced the newest expansion for Path of Exile, titled Atlas of Worlds. The expansion will allow players to rework endgame content, previously added in an update in June, using a map generator. Players will also be able to upgrade maps on the atlas, as well as add mods to them. The expansion also includes nineteen additional boss encounters, 30 new maps and a host of unique items, designed by the PoE community themselves.

The game’s site also mentions the developers have multi-threaded the engine, allowing for better performance on modern CPUs. Boasting that the expansion has ” the best game performance of any Path of Exile release,” it will apparently almost double the framerate during intense combat situations.

Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds will be available for PC on September 2.

DualShockers Staff

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