Path of Exile Content Update 2.5.0 Introduces The Breach, New Items, Improved Performance

By Steven Santana

November 19, 2016

Content update 2.5.0 for Path of Exile will launch on December 2, 2016. This update introduces the Breach, tears in reality that will bring great rewards if you can keep them open long enough. A host of other content will also be included.

Breach Challenge League has forty challenges and three new microtransactions that can be earned as you complete them. New bosses named Breachlords will drop more treasure depending on how much damage you deal during their escape. Combine 100 splinters of the same type to form a Breachstone and use it with a Map Device to travel to a Breachlord’s Domain where you can slay them. Unique items dropped from the Breach’s monsters are specific to their domain, and defeating Breachlords will cause Blessings that allow you to equip these unique items.

Content Update 2.5.0 also includes a new 64-bit Path of Exile client that uses DirectX 11. Consequently it will be much faster than previous versions, and includes new fog and cloth physic systems.

Two Breach Supporter packs will also be available for purchase. The Breachspawn Supporter costs $30 and includes 250 Points ($25), Breachspawn Portrait Frame, Breachspawn Cloak, Breachspawn Supporter Forum Title, and Breach Weapon Effect.

A Breachlord Supporter pack costs $60 and includes 550 Points ($55) a Breachlord Portrait Frame, Breachspawn Portrait Frame, Breachlord Cloak, Breachspawn Cloadk, Breachlord Supporter Forum Title, Breach Weapon Effect, and Breachlord Portal.

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You can view an image gallery and trailer for Content Update 2.5.0 below, as well as video breakdowns of the Breachspawn and Breachlord Support packs.

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