Path of Exile Mobile Version is in Development; New Expansion Details and More Revealed

Path of Exile fans have plenty to look forward to in the future, such as a newly-announced "experimental" mobile version of the action-RPG.

November 16, 2019

If there is any indication, this weekend has been a big one for fans of Path of Exile, the massively-popular action-RPG that has built a devoted following in the six years since its debut. While the original game still maintains an active (and growing) playerbase, an upcoming sequel is on the way alongside several other developments that fans of the series can look forward to.

During ExileCon in Auckland, New Zealand this weekend, developer Grinding Gear Games detailed several announcement related to the Path of Exile franchise. The biggest of these was the confirmation that Path of Exile 2 will be coming sometime late next year, and will provide a brand new campaign while bridging the gap (content-wise) between players of the original game.

Alongside the reveal of its sequel, Grinding Gear also detailed during its keynote at the event that a mobile version of the original Path of Exile is currently in development, though an exact release date hasn’t been announced for this iteration of the game.

In a trailer released by Grinding Gear Games, the studio clarified that the mobile version of Path of Exile is “experimental” at this time, and that the release of the mobile version will be dependent on fan feedback and response. Likewise, the studio also detailed that the mobile version will also aim to deliver fair monetization to players and will not be dependent on microtransactions, and that the mobile version will be developed in-house by Grinding Gear (as opposed to being outsourced to a different studio or team).

Other than the reveal of the mobile version of Path of Exile, Grinding Gear also released new trailers for the game, including a look at the core game’s next expansion. Titled “Conquerors of the Atlas,” the new expansion will offer players a whole new storyline to experience, alongside new maps, skills, loot, and much more. “Conquerors of the Atlas” will release on December 13, and you can find the full trailer below.

Finally, Grinding Gear also detailed a few other announcements it had in store for Path of Exile players, starting with a trailer for its new League called “Metamorph” that will also debut on December 13. This will include the introduction of a new NPC named Tane Octavius, which brings players through a unique gameplay scenario where players (essentially) build their own boss fights. Likewise, Grinding Gear also confirmed that a Mac OS version of Path of Exile is in development and expected to arrive sometime next year.

Path of Exile is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with Path of Exile 2 expected to arrive in a beta form late next year. For a closer look, you can check out the new trailers for the mobile version of the original game, its next expansion, and more below:

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