Path of Exile Reachs Over Two Million Registered Players

Path of Exile Reachs Over Two Million Registered Players

Grinding Gear Games have announced today that their online action-RPG Path of Exile–has just passed the two million registered players mark, after less than two month of Open Beta access.

Path of Exile is an online action RPG where gamers play as one of six classes, as a character banished to the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast for their past misdeeds. There the characters take on a slew of enemies for the promise of loot and artifacts as they travel the abandoned land.

Grinding Gear Games has been proud to say that they’ve stuck to a scheduled weekly content update for players, including new skills and new Unique items, some of which were designed by the game’s Diamond Supporters–fans who contributed $1,000 for the chance to be involved with the team. Usually people hand in a resume or a portfoil. That’s dedication there.

The producer of Grinding Gear Games, Chris Wilson, had this to say:

“We’re really pleased with Path of Exile’s reception. It blew our expectations out of the water and continues to grow every day. The continued feedback and support from our fans has been great. We expect to add a lot of new content and features during the Open Beta period as we approach full release later this year.”

Path of Exile is described by Grinding Gear Games as a free-to-play but not pay-to-win game, and is available right now for the PC. You can check out the Beta trailer below, and sign up for the Beta on the Path of Exile website.