Path of Exile Releases Halloween Themed Items That Are Only Available This Week

on October 27, 2014 8:12 PM

Path of Exile, the popular dungeon crawling loot game with over seven million users, has received some new vanity items available for purchase just in time to get dressed up for Halloween.

Grinding Gear Games has added three new items that will only be available from now until November 2nd in the form of the Rolling Head Pet, the Pumpkins Hideout Decoration and the Jack-o’-Lantern Helmet. There is nothing quite like decorating your personal hideout with a bunch of pumpkins or watching a mangled head roll around behind you while trying to eat the eye dangling out of its rotting skull, and you can own them now for a limited time. There is even a bundle at a discounted rate that gives you more pumpkins to decorate your pad with available as well.

The new items gives you a great reason to level some characters and find a bunch of loot before December rolls around and Path of Exile introduces its new PvP based content. You can checkout individual trailers for the new items to see if they are worth spending your hard earned money on below.

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