Path of the Warrior Updated With Co-Op Multiplayer

Path of the Warrior Updated With Co-Op Multiplayer

Take a buddy along in Path of the Warrior.

After retro beat-em-up Path of the Warrior surprise-dropped onto the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift VR headsets during The Game Awards, developer Twisted Pixel promised players that a co-op multiplayer mode would be coming to the VR fighter sometime soon.

Last week, the developer made good on that promise, as Path of the Warrior now boasts a co-op mode to go alongside the nostalgia-inducing single-player campaign. This means that two players can jump in and complete the entire campaign together across Oculus headsets; going toe-to-toe with opponents using a lethal variety of fists, barstools, jukeboxes, and more.

Path of the Warrior supports cross-buy and cross-play, meaning that a Quest player and a Rift player can play with one another at the same time. Likewise, if a player purchases it on Oculus Quest, they also automatically own it on Rift, and vice versa.

Due to Oculus account restrictions, no more than one Oculus device registered to an account can play Path of the Warrior at a given time. This means that while cross-buy and cross-play work, somebody who owns both a Rift and a Quest couldn’t, say, let their buddy jump into the unused headset while they go to town together.

We haven’t jumped into the co-op mode yet, but if the single-player campaign is anything to go by, this is perfect for those looking to get down and dirty with a fun, action-packed VR romp in a Streets of Rage-style world.

Path of the Warrior is available now on the Oculus store for $19.99.