Pathfinder Adventures Announced for Steam with a Sort of Oddly Entertaining Retro-Styled Trailer

As a result of a newly-established partnership between Obsidian Entertainment and Asmodee Digital, Pathfinder Adventures will be released on PC.

June 3, 2017

In a somewhat head-scratching new trailer (seen below), Obsidian Entertainment has announced that Pathfinder Adventures will be making its way to Steam this month. The game had previously only been available on mobile devices, but a partnership with digital board game distributor and publisher Asmodee Digital has made it possible to bring the game to a new platform.

June 15 is the date you can expect to see Pathfinder Adventures in your Steam shopping cart, as a result of this newly established partnership. In a statement, Obsidian expressed its excitement regarding the development of its partnership with Asmodee and in bringing the game to the PC platform.

“We’re excited to share our love of the strategy, teamwork and chance in Pathfinder to a new audience, and our partnership with Asmodee Digital is vital in connecting with gamers the world over.”

Asmodee Digital is responsible for bringing such games as Ticket to RidePandemic, and Splendor to the digital realm. The company manages the design, development, and distribution of digital board games across North America, Europe, and China.

Below, you’ll find the odd retro trailer that Obsidian released announcing the game’s release on Steam, which doesn’t really say much about the digital game unless you’re already aware of it. However, if you want a true example of how the tabletop RPG translates to the digital screen, check out the trailer below that, which was released when Pathfinder Adventures came to Apple and Android tablets.

Pathfinder Adventures brings the card-based tabletop roleplaying thrill of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to a digital platform. In this title, players develop their characters by acquiring new items, defeating evil, and further discovering how deep the mystery travels in this world. The game allows players to customize their deck to establish precisely how they want to play, and even grants higher degrees of challenge with Heroic and Legendary modes, for those who are interested in greater reward. Pathfinder Adventures is free to download and provides a base deck of 500 cards to start.

Pathfinder Adventures will release for PC and Mac via Steam on June 15. It is currently available via the App Store and Google Play. For more information about the game, visit its official website.

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