Pathologic 2 Trailer Reveals What You'll be Doing to Fight Off The Approaching Plague

Ice-Pick Lodge has revealed some of the gameplay in Pathologic 2. Players will have plenty of options to approach the game's vast story when it launches next week.

By Ricky Frech

May 16, 2019

Pathologic 2 is an incredibly creepy narrative-driven thriller that is coming out next week. Thus far, the developers at Ice-Pick Lodge have done a great job of setting the atmosphere with spooky trailers, but gameplay has been light. Today the team has released a new gameplay trailer to give you a better look at how you’ll be combating the plague that is ravaging your town.

The game’s story appears to be very complex. The trailer tells us that we only have 12 days and time will pass at a constant and consistent rate. If you miss a key event in the town, then it’s gone forever. Pathologic 2 is not going to wait for you and easily give out the full story. You have to seek it out and make an effort to learn everything you can.

During your travels, you’ll come across a number of encounters. As seen in the trailer, some of these will be fights you can solve with either violence or your pocketbook. However, you’ll also need to quickly decide how to navigate the moral conundrums the game puts in front you.

Say you need a particular organ to transplant into a prominent member of the town and them. You could buy it off of someone, which also improves your relationship with them. That said, it can quickly become expensive to do so. Maybe you wait and steal it from that person, violating your moral code so that you can help others. Another potential avenue could be to harvest a organ off a dead body. The possibilities aren’t endless, but the game does give you quite a few options.

Pathologic 2 – Part 1 is coming on May 23 to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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