Pathologic 2 Makes Its Way to PS4 on March 6 Courtesy of Ice-Pick Lodge

Pathologic 2 finally comes to PS4 this week. The dark adventure game features an ambitious narrative that doesn't really care if you're having fun.

By Ricky Frech

March 2, 2020

Pathologic 2 is among the weirdest games I’ve played. The game is incredibly ambitious and extra punishing, making it sometimes feel more like a soul-crushing job than a video game. However, developer Ice-Pick Lodge has made a few key changes to improve the experience for players hoping to enjoy themselves a little more with various updates. And now, the game finally comes to PS4 after launching on PC and Xbox One. The best news? It’s out this week.

When I played Pathologic 2 last year, it was one of the more difficult games to assign a review score. The game features a compelling narrative and gameplay that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries common to the genre. However, in doing that, Ice-Pick Lodge created something that, as mentioned, is tough to play due to its oppressive difficultly. Since I played it through, the devs have added the option to create your own difficulty through several in-game sliders. This makes the experience more playable, but arguably robs the game of some of its core ambition.

All that being said, it’s great to see Pathologic 2 coming to more platforms. The game is actually a somewhat remake of the original Pathologic. That game has three different playthroughs around different characters. Pathologic 2 only includes one of those playthroughs. Hopefully, with more people able to buy the game, Ice-Pick will have enough funds to finish up the narrative.

Pathologic 2 comes to PS4 on March 6. The game is available now on PC and Xbox One. If you have Game Pass, it’s also on that service, giving you a great opportunity to check it out.

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