Paul Robertson Takes You To The Universe’s Greatest Slam Jam

on August 21, 2011 3:27 PM

Paul Robertson recently put up some new pieces on his Livejournal, including the amazing piece of awesomeness pictured above, appropriately titled Universe Party 2 – Tom Nook’s Monster Dunk Slam Jam 30XX. Tom Nook runs the game, bro, though I think my favorite part of the piece is Kazuma Kiryu looking unfazed by the ludicrous events in front of him.

He also put up a few of his pieces for the Super iam8bit Show, which can be found here. Warning, there is a Custer’s Revenge pic in that gallery that, while awesome, is highly, highly, highly NSFW. The gallery also features a piece based off of Konami’s Violent Storm and one featuring Irem and Taito mascots duking it out. They’re all pretty great.


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