PAX '11: House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut is the Same Game, With More Sexy

House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut was an interesting game to check out at PAX, and is an interesting game to talk about for one reason: the original is my favorite and most played Wii game. The Extended Cut adds two new levels and characters alongside upgraded visuals, 3D support and new weapons among others. But is that enough to warrant another purchase, or to draw in a new crowd of people who never played it on the Wii? Let me be blunt: yes. If you own a PlayStation 3 and Move, buy this game. Read on to see why. 

The level I played was the second level of the original game, Ballistic Trauma. Though it’s been awhile since I’ve played I was still very familiar with the level, and as far as I remember it didn’t seem like anything was changed as far as health and item placement. I did notice a new collectible item on the wall: a shiny gold record. I didn’t actually manage to shoot it, but I was told that shooting those unlocks songs in the game to listen to.

At the beginning of my session there was a calibration issue with the Move controller, but other than that everything was perfectly accurate and I was getting headshots and multipliers left and right. While I didn’t know my co-op partner in advance, we were still coordinating to take down groups, save civilians (we saved them all) and covering the screen during walking areas.

We were playing using the sharpshooter controller for the PlayStation Move and I have to say that it greatly enhanced the experience. On the Wii I always used a pistol adapter, but this was absolutely perfect. I’ve never used the controller before, but it truly does make the overall feel a lot better.

Another aspect I was seeing for the first time both for this game and on the PlayStation 3 in general was 3D, which I must say was very tastefully done. The most obvious effects were seen on the title screen and HUD which stood out a little bit from the background. One scene in particular was very nicely done, during the screamer boss battle at the end of the level. When she got in close to attack, she reached out of the screen to swipe at you.

Not a necessary addition by any means and you’re more than welcome to play without the glasses (as my partner was doing) without losing out. Done precisely the way I want 3D to be. It won’t be selling any 3D TVs, but if you already have one you’ll get some good use out of it for this one.

You might notice that so far I’ve been mostly talking about how the game hasn’t changed, and honestly that’s for the best. The game wasn’t broken in any way, so there’s no need to change it. Unfortunately while the SEGA team did have a build with one of the new levels, at the time of my hands-on they didn’t have it at the booth yet. I came back later hoping to check it out but no luck. However the addition of some new weapons was confirmed and I was told one of them: a freaking crossbow.

With new levels, 3D integration and the core experience fully intact this is a must-buy as far as I’m concerned both for fans of the original game and new players alike. Should I find myself financially able to afford a PS3 and Move, you better believe this will be near the top of my list of games to buy.

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