PAX East 2010: All Points Bulletin Impressions

on April 8, 2010 1:00 PM

PAX East 2010: All Points Bulletin Impressions

One of the greatest things about PAX East 2010 is that attendees and media outlets could walk up and see first-hand many games that were not out yet as well as hear from and talk to producers, community managers, and many other exhibitors who were open and willing to talk about their games at length. I still remember the first time I heard of APB, also known as All Points Bulletin. This intriguing brainchild of online multiplayer, crime simulation, and creative expression comes from David Jones the father of Grand Theft Auto, and Crackdown with Realtime Worlds.

The focus of creating a world that the players form on their own has been at the core of this game and the result is high immersion in a massively multiplayer online shooting game like you have never seen before. I was vigilante enough to brave the swarms of people around the APB setup, as security continued to warn everyone not to block attendees, and get my hands on the game several times playing as an enforcer and a criminal and I must say I am very excited for this title.

If you are wondering what this game is like and have not heard anything about it yet, this is a crime game. This is likely not meant to be played by anyone who is sensitive to violence. Although APB is a crime game, it has taken the genre to a whole new level. Realtime Worlds has built a persistent real world in the freedom-based style of sandbox open-world games. Every character in APB is another real person that you can shoot, assist, arrest, or run over at any time, even the law enforcement!

The game features great graphics and a streamlined online system, complete with essential friends list, clans, the ability to join friends and clan members in battle, and the impressive capability of playing with up to around 100 people in each district!  Before you start thinking APB is just a huge sandbox with no depth to it, this title is actually surprisingly deep in content for a multiplayer-only crime game!


In a game where you are known by your uniqueness, the direction of conflict can often come at you from every angle at once. With players spreading their own identity, some even forcing it through out-numbered attacks on players caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, there is a lot of competitive spirit to this game. Individuals and clans will be at each others’ throats, or allying to keep the rest at bay, in a power struggle initiated by anything from resource distribution to all-out war as players from rival clans run into each other often intercepting each others missions. The game can spontaneously erupt into a team death match style environment at any moment as killers chop each other down with a variety of machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades, and more in an effort to enhance weapons, level up, build a name for themselves, and further their faction in the game.

PAX East 2010: All Points Bulletin Impressions

In a world where the people have taken matters into their own hands the streets are full of blood. Two main factions emerge the most powerful, the Criminals and the Enforcers. Criminals follow a man named Benjamin who wishes to create a new world existing in constant anarchy. Enforcers also want change; they seek not to allow chaos to rule but to instead control everything themselves. Players jump in to this tense world, where explosions, gunfights and massacres can break out at any moment, making contacts that provide them with mission objectives that bring great rewards. A choice must be made between a life of crime and the life of a mercenary working for control under the guise of “Peace”.

The game play constantly echoes a war going on which no player is safe from. Criminals will be constantly breaking into businesses, going on homicide sprees for cash or reputation, and finding that their actions do not go unnoticed. Enforcers are able to see APBs put out for ongoing crimes and will show up to ruin the fun! Real players will be coming at you using any force they deem necessary from putting their pump action shotgun into your face and blowing you away to arresting you and making you hang around a while longer on your knees watching them break up the party. Criminals can become notorious by excelling at what they do best and racking up to five stars which will put a bounty on your head that all players can easily identify.

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