PAX East 2010: Dolby Axon Surround Impressions

I got a chance to check out the Dolby Axon Surround Premium Voice Chat service for the first time at this year’s PAX last weekend in Boston. At first most gamers might think that it’s excessive to actually be paying for a voice chat service. I was one of them. But when I began to think of some ways this could benefit clan leaders in the PC gaming world I began to realize that this is actually a great idea. Read on for reasons why you should care about this service, even if you aren’t interested in buying it, and what it might provide for the future of PC gaming.

This technology brings not only surround sound to the voice chats in PC gaming but also a very interesting ability to simulate the distance of players from each other as if in real life talking to each other. The service can be used to create unique innovative game play mechanics by developers, or it can be used as a customizable virtual chat room for clans to have clear communications while playing online games together, including massive ones!

Another great thing about the service is that most users can take advantage of the high-end features for free. As long as they know some one who will lead them into battle (or otherwise into game play) and also has a subscription to Dolby Axon they will be able to experience the more advanced features with that user and the group. This can run in the background while games are running and also be directly integrated into the game. The premium subscription grade service costs around $19 a year with a trial month available for free, users who use the free version will only be able to host monaural (single channel) voice chats.

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