Paxton Fettel Playable in F.3.A.R. Single Player

on February 16, 2011 7:00 AM

Paxton Fettel Playable in F.3.A.R. Single Player

Are you tired of the same horror/action-adventure formula of controlling a gun wielding character? Luckily, Day 1 Studios is attempting something that will please you in more ways than one. Upon the completion of a level in F.3.A.R., as the Point Man, you unlock the ability to play that previous level as good ol’ Paxton. So Point Man’s bro isn’t exclusive to co-op.

Instead of the classic “bang bang” and “pew pew”, you’ll get psychic based supernatural powers with Paxton. To name a few cool moves up his sleeve you’ll get telekinesis, possession powers, and some type of “ghost” crush move that will explain itself in the trailer. Plus, you have to figure Paxton’s abilities will allow you to access treats and places not available to the Point Man. Check out the trailer after the break.

“I became the instrument of my mother’s revenge, but when my brother put a bullet in my head, he unlocked the evil buried inside me and gave me a new life…playtime.”

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