Payday 2 Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch, Check Out the Launch Trailer

Payday 2 Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch, Check Out the Launch Trailer

Nearly five years after its initial launch, Payday 2 is now available on Nintendo's popular hybrid console, offering over 50 heists and more than 150 weapons.

Today, Starbreeze Studios has released the Nintendo Switch port of Payday 2 and to celebrate, a new launch trailer is available, featuring various snippets of what Switch owners can expect, as well as some new goodies to coincide with its launch.

According to the press release, in addition to a brand-new trailer, the Switch port of Payday 2 also includes a brand-new heister, Joy. A computer whiz of Japanese descent living in the United States with her own hacker-related perks and weapons. On top of that, she has her own custom LED-lighting mask, which will modify her appearance.

Aside from a brand-new character added into the roster, the Switch port also includes a new local multiplayer mode called CRIME.NET Local Play, allowing players to set up a regional game and invite friends who share the same local network to play together and cause mayhem in various heists.

While on the topic of Payday 2 for Switch, last week, the publisher confirmed that this particular port would include content from “mid-2017.” Additionally, those looking to get the port will have to wait just a bit longer before a voice chat is implemented as Starbreeze Studios is waiting for Nintendo to approve a voice chat for the game.

You can check out the launch trailer below and in case you want to know DualShockers’ thoughts on the port, check out our editorial by Features Editor Ryan Meitzler.