PayDay: The Heist 2: New Details and New Dark Knight-Inspired Teaser

PayDay: The Heist 2: New Details and New Dark Knight-Inspired Teaser

Overkill Software’s heist game is back with a sequel–PayDay 2–and it comes with new customization options and a very The Dark Knight-inspired teaser trailer, too (which you can see below).

PayDay 2 is changing the set up of the game immensely, centering the new missions around your crew, who are headed to Washington D.C. for the crime spree to end all crime sprees. But this time, you’re not just choosing Dallas, Wolf, Chains and Hoxton for their looks: players will be customizing their characters with four new job classes that will define how they play PayDay 2.

PayDay 2 is all about building a balanced team. The classes are the Mastermind, the Technician, the Ghost, and the Enforcer, each with their own set of customizable equipment and skills that can be unlocked as the game goes on.

Progress in the game is very important, with loot now earning you not just bragging rights and cash, but unlocking new missions, unique modding equipment for masks and weapons, and special boosts, like getting the layout of a building ahead of time, or getting a faster getaway car.

This new structure centers around CRIMENET, the Craigslist of criminal activity, which gives players various contracts that start off simple, and then give way to more difficult challenges later. CRIMENET is being designed to incorporate quick missions that take mere minutes to finish, and complex missions with multiple goals that may take careful planning, timing, and communication to accomplish.

Even better, the missions are supposed to change every time you play, with placement of security, getawar cars, and loot changed with each playthrough. A.I. is also said to be improved, with stronger enemies that evolve as you play to adapt to players’ strategies.

There’s still a lot to be seen of PayDay 2, but gamers won’t have to wait long: the game is set to release this summer digitally to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC (via Steam).