PC Building Simulator Developers Announce Partnership with Antec

PC Building Simulator Developers Announce Partnership with Antec

PC part manufacturer Antec has announced that it will be throwing its support into the Irregular Corporation's Early Access title PC Building Simulator.

Yesterday, UK-based developer Irregular Corporation announced a new partnership with notable PC part manufacturer Antec.

According to the press release, this newly-formed partnership means that the company’s game, PC Building Simulator will now offer the following Antec desktop cases will now be featured in the game – the multidimensional DF500 mid-tower case, the extreme mid-tower P110 Luce, P6 compact powerhouse, P7 window and P8 performance line of cases. Thanks to Antec’s support, PC Building Simulator now includes high-end cases come, with each of these cases offering impressive features. Such as air intake filters, airflow cooling systems and space-efficient interiors.

As the title implies, PC Building Simulator is developed by Irregular Corporation and allows gamers to build a fully functional gaming PC, much like a tech workshop class, this game serves as a tutorial of sorts as players how to create their own gaming rigs from the ground up. Other notable PC manufacturers that have lend its support to the title include Corsair and MSI just to name a couple.

Initially, the game launch as an Early Access title on Steam in late March of this year; within the first month of its Early Access, the ambitious indie game surpassed 100,000 copies with the numbers increasing as time marches on.

As stated previously – PC Building Simulator is now available as an Early Access title. If you are interested in picking up the title, you can purchase it now on Humble Bundle.

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