PC Building Simulator Developers Announce Partnership with Corsair

PC Building Simulator Developers Announce Partnership with Corsair

Popular gaming peripheral manufacturer Corsair has announced that it will be throwing its PC parts into the Irregular Corporation's title PC Building Simulator.

Yesterday, British developer Irregular Corporation announced a new partnership with notable PC gaming company Corsair.

According to the press release, this newly-formed partnership means that the company’s game, PC Building Simulator will now offer the following Corsair products. Corsair‘s Crystal Series 570X RGB ATX Mid-Tower Case, TX-M Series PSUs, and Dominator Platinum series RAM, in addition to products from other companies, such as MSI parts, which are now available in the game.

As the title implies, PC Building Simulator is developed by Irregular Corporation and allows gamers to build a fully functional gaming PC, much like a tech workshop class, this game serves as a tutorial of sorts as players how to create their own gaming rigs from the ground up.

All the PC parts featured in the game are accurately recreated and provide an immersive experience of what it’s like building a gaming PC. Additionally, PC Building Simulator delivers a tutorial system for those who are utterly clueless on how to make a PC at all, which not only provides instructions but will also explain the components, how each part functions, as well as the significance of each part.

You can check out the new announcement video commemorating the new partnership below the article. For more information on the game, check out the title’s official website. Currently, PC Building Simulator is in its Early Access stage with a full launch yet to be announced.