PC Building Simulator Set to Enter Version 1.0 on January 29

PC Building Simulator Set to Enter Version 1.0 on January 29

PC Building Simulator is leaving Early Access this month, but can it run Crysis?

Building your own desktop is always a complicated task if —like me— you’re not well versed in the world of building your own tower, but thankfully PC Building Simulator has been around since 2016, with a launch trailer being revealed in 2018. If you don’t know, the title is all about building PC’s from scratch using a range of PC insides.

The announcement today confirms that PC Building Simulator will be leaving early access later this month on January 29. Claudia Kiss and The Irregular Corporation confirmed that development is still going to continue with new features and more parts to be added. The updates will be slower in rolling out so that they can release bigger updates, and all current save progress will not be lost when updating to version 1.0.

The title was created by Claudiu Kiss from Romania and only in their teens when they were picked up by The Irregular Corporation publisher. PC Building Simulator gained traction online with people loving the experience of building their own computer from scratch without actually having to ground themselves in reality.

The Alpha demo that launched back in 2017 became the third most downloaded title on itch.io and has done incredibly well since, including selling over 100,000 copies in its first month when launching into Early Access.

As well as creating a game that teaches the player about building a PC, they’re also able to take part in a type of story that sees players running a PC repair workshop, tending to customers broken computers.

Some PC’s only require a simple check, others might need upgrades, and others might just want a beefy gamer desktop. The computers are delivered to your office and you carry them in and fiddle about with every interactable item available.

On top of that, the title has generated interest from various big name brands which led to partnerships being announced with MSI, Corsair, Antec, ASUS, and more. The in-game marketplace expands with real-world and realistically price components and even allows you to jump into a Free Build mode to go crazy.

Of course, you can test if your PC actually works by using the simulation of the benchmarking software 3DMark. We’ve recently seen a new ray tracing capable version for 3DMark launch.

Additionally to the news today, The Irregular Corporation released a new video showcasing a range of creations, giving us a mouth-watering look inside the lovely boxes of technology. You can watch that below.

You can grab PC Building Simulator on PC as an early access title. It’ll be leaving early access on January 29.